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The association




Private association of the Faithfull   (association under law 1901)

(In accordance with canons 298 to 311 and 321 to 326 of the Code of Canon Law)

The Association Les Amis de la Bienheureuse Eugénie Joubert (Friends of Blessed Eugénie Joubert) was created to make Blessed Eugénie better known and to promote her message, as well as the places where she lived and carried out her apostolate, all of which are memorial sites with a heritage and spiritual vocation.

This association aims to :

  • Making Blessed Eugénie Joubert better known,  a figure of cultural heritage and catechesis, particularly in France and Belgium:

    Eugénie Joubert was born in Yssingeaux (France) on 11 February 1876 and died in Liège (Belgium) on 2 July 1904.

    She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 20 November 1994 and given as a “model” for catechists.

    She was buried in Dinant (Belgium), where the motherhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart had been transferred.

On 30 June 2024, the tomb of the Blessed Eugénie Joubert was transferred to a chapel in the Church of Saint-Gilles in Liège, the parish where Sister Eugénie Joubert had carried out her apostolate.

    A flower-bedecked tomb with numerous ex-votos remains in Liège.

  • Develop the movement of Blessed Eugénie.

by spreading her spirituality through pastoral, artistic and cultural activities aimed at anyone who is sensitive to her message; by highlighting the historical, religious and apostolic sites where the Blessed lived; by spreading the Blessed’s spirituality through art and the media.

  • Take part in the cause for the canonisation of Blessed Eugénie Joubert:

In April 2023, Sister Marie-Catherine, the last Sister of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart, now deceased, “officially relinquished the cause for the canonisation of Blessed Eugénie Joubert, in the name of the Congregation of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart, in favour of the Association ‘Les Amis de la Bienheureuse Eugénie Joubert’, “. The witnesses were Mother Rebecca Nazzaro (Superior of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation in Rome) and Father Robert Spataro (Salesian of Don Bosco).

A decree of canonical recognition of the association was published on 9 October 2023 by Monsignor Delville, Bishop of Liège.

Click here to read this document (in french).

The association is thus an actor in the cause for the Blessed’s canonisation, as is the Diocese of Liège itself.

    It is also thanks to the creation of this association that the “” website came into being.

It will gradually be enriched with the help of all goodwill.

Become a member

You can become a member of the association “Les Amis de la Bienheureuse Eugénie Joubert”.

Simply download the membership form from the link below and return it to

Membership form

By becoming a member of the association “Les Amis de la Bienheureuse Eugénie Joubert”, or by taking part in the activities run by this association, you become a “Friend” of the Blessed.

Firstly, as a “spiritual friend”, which implies being in contact with her through prayer, for example by regularly praying the Prayer of Thanksgiving which appears on the website, or by any other commitment chosen by each and every one of us.

On the other hand, as with any “Friend”, we need to have news. That’s why, on the 2nd of each month (echoing the 2nd of July, the day on which the Catholic Church celebrates Blessed Eugénie Joubert), we’ll be updating you on the progress of the cult of the Blessed.

And above all, don’t hesitate to let us know what you’ve built or seen about the Blessed during the month (by email:

As well as taking part in heritage, artistic and cultural events organised by the association itself, everyone is invited to help promote the religious, artistic, spiritual and cultural heritage associated with Blessed Eugénie Joubert.

Décret de reconnaissance de l’Association “Les Amis de la Bienheureuse Eugénie Joubert”

Article paru dans le magazine l’épervier de novembre 2023