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The term “rosary” designates both the prayer and the object used to recite it. By its very nature, it appears to be a repetitive prayer, but it is above all a meditative prayer. During a rosary, we meditate on 5 passages from the life of Christ: the “mysteries”.

This object has its origins in the late Middle Ages. In the 15th century. It was a Carthusian monk, Dominic of Prussia, who initiated this meditative prayer in Trier. It spread thanks to printing and popular devotion.

 Eugénie Joubert was born on 11 February 1876, 18 years to the day after the first apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Perhaps this was no accident… This little sister impressed us with her Marian devotion: her relationship with the Blessed Virgin was truly that of a little child with her beloved mother.

The rosary was her favourite prayer. She recited it with such lively piety that she seemed to be in conversation with the Blessed Virgin.

This is why she can help us in a very special way to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary.

Praying the rosary means asking the Virgin Mary to lend us her heart and eyes to contemplate her beloved Son…
The chosen quotations are taken from Paolo Risso’s booklet: “Eugénie Joubert, une jeune vie pour Jésus” (ELLE DI CI Edition)

There are two ways of praying the rosary with Blessed Eugénie:

Meditate the rosary online

Download a paper version

To make your own rosary booklet :

  • Download and open the file
  • Print sheets on both sides

(or print the odd pages then go back to print the even pages)

  • Cut along the solid lines (horizontal lines)
  • Fold along the dotted lines (vertical lines) and put the pages in order.

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