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Prayers to Blessed Eugénie

Prayer addressed to Sister Eugénie Joubert - Vicarius Generalis pro Civitate Vaticana

“Father, we thank you that your Church honours the memory of Blessed Eugénie Joubert, a virgin.

You sent her to tell us how to imitate your Son Jesus, gentle and humble of heart.

She always sought the last place. She was always patient and kind with the children.

Grant us the grace, through her intercession, to be living witnesses of Your love for all men, so that at the end of this life, we may enjoy Your presence for eternity.

Pater, Ave, Gloria.

Blessed Eugénie Joubert, pray for us”.

Prayer of Bishop Brincard of the diocese of Le Puy

Prayer composed for the beatification of Blessed Eugénie

“Lord Jesus, you have given us in Blessed Eugénie Joubert a model of fervour, simplicity and humble service to your Word.

An exemplary religious, she was also an exceptional catechist, a witness to your love for the little ones, the ignorant and the pure of heart.

Grant that her prayer may obtain for us the purity of heart that will enable us to welcome with joy the priceless gift of your Word and to make it the food of our soul as well as the nourishment of our charity.

Blessed Eugénie, you knew how to discover the riches of the Word of God in prayer and under the guidance of the Church. You lavished them tirelessly on all those who came close to you.

May your intercession help us to deepen our Christian life in the light of the Heart of Jesus.

Put us in the school of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that in all things we may fulfil the will of the Most Holy Trinity.


Bishop Soulier's prayer to Eugénie Joubert

This prayer was said during the ceremonies commemorating the 10th anniversary of the beatification of Eugénie Joubert.

These ceremonies took place successively

in Belgium :

  • Banneux Notre-Dame (at the feet of the Virgin of the Poor),
  • at the parish of Saint Gilles in Liège,

in France :

  • in Queyrières,
  • in Yssingeaux (in the Eugénie Joubert Chapel in the Church of Saint Pierre).

Bishop Soulier,

Bishop Emeritus of Limoges

“Blessed Eugénie, you were born on 11 February 1876 in Yssingeaux.

You grew up in a large family with eight children.

Your childhood and youth were filled with joy.

Your outward elegance reflected the inner beauty of your heart.

Slowly Christ was taking up space in your life.

By becoming a religious of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart, you have decided to give it your whole being, now and in the future.

How many children in catechism classes, how many families, how many individuals, have been born into a living faith by listening to you and looking at you.

Tired and ill, you continued your service in a different way.

It was on 2 July 1904 that vision replaced faith.

I ask you to continue to show me the face of Christ.

Please also accept our requests and my requests to those of us who are still on the road.


Mgr Soulier, Bishop Emeritus of Limoges.

Prayer to Blessed Eugénie Joubert

This prayer can be found in the chapel dedicated to Blessed Eugénie Joubert in the church of Saint Pierre in Yssingeaux (France)

Chapel in honour of Blessed Eugenie

Église Saint Pierre – Yssingeaux

Blessed Eugénie Joubert

We come to you with confidence.

You have known the joys and difficulties of your family,

the separation of your parents.

Watch over each of our families,

to be more places of peace,

where we support and encourage each other.

You have committed yourself to religious life.

Pray for all those who are seeking their vocation,

and for everyone to respond to God’s calls wherever they are.

You loved helping children discover God.

Guide us again today to meet Jesus.

Help young people to find in their midst witnesses to God’s love.

Give us the desire to meet Jesus

in prayer, the Eucharist and reading the Gospel.

In suffering and illness,

you have remained deeply united to Christ.

Help us to remain confident when we are on trial.

You put all your heart into ordinary material tasks.

In our daily activities,

show us God’s humility and goodness.

Blessed Eugénie Joubert, pray for us.


Reliquary of Blessed Eugénie Joubert

Church of St Peter’s – Yssingeaux

Through your intercession Blessed Eugenie

Prayer from a file devoted to Blessed Eugénie Joubert on the ‘Prayer for future parents’ website:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us pray this day with :

Blessed Eugénie Joubert (1876-1904)

Religious of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart

Commemorated on 2 July

Let us pray.

“Blessed Eugenie, you who cherish God’s smallest wishes,

Teach us to love the solitude of the heart, to keep it pure of “all that is not God alone and for God alone“.

Ask Jesus to “fill all the gaps with the abundance of his graces“.

Teach us to “destroy the little divisions of our hearts by being faithful to the Holy Spirit“,

peacefully, in trust, in expansion, in joy, and with the simplicity of a little child,

all to the Blessed Virgin Mary.



“I beg you, my good Mother, in spite of my infidelities, please help me to enter into the intimacy, the secret of the Most Holy Trinity. O beata Trinitas! These words reveal the feelings Sister Eugénie was experiencing on the eve of her death, and which she confided to her superior in one of her last letters. A few months later, the wish of the young nun of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart was granted. She took off for the loving home of the Most Holy Trinity. The date was 2 July 1904.

Bishop Brincard had this to say about the nun: …

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