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Places of prayer in France: Yssingeaux

Yssingeaux is the birthplace of Blessed Eugénie Joubert. She spent part of her childhood and adolescence here. At the age of 5, she joined her older sister Marie at the Ursuline nuns’ convent in Monistrol-sur-Loire (a convent that became a new building at Notre-Dame du Château school in 2018). In 1888, she entered the Collège Saint-Joseph in Yssingeaux.

Saint-Pierre Church – 2 place du Prieuré – Yssingeaux (43200)

Open: every day

A chapel in Saint-Pierre Church, now refurbished, is dedicated to Blessed Eugénie Joubert. Everyone can pay their respects in front of a shrine containing relics of Blessed Eugénie, next to a painting of Blessed Eugénie, and next to which are a life history and a prayer leaflet available to pilgrims passing through.

To the right of the choir is a wooden statue of Blessed Eugénie, built by Dominique Kaepelin (a French artist, sculptor and engraver of liturgical and secular art, born in Le Puy-en-Velay, 1949-2019).

You can also visit the baptistery where Blessed Eugenie was baptised.


The family home is very close to the church and has a plaque reading “Mon Dieu je crois à votre amour” (“My God, I believe in your love”).

Chapel of the Penitents

4 rue Eugène André – Yssingeaux (43200)

Open: every day

The Chapel of the Penitents has a space for meditation dedicated to Blessed Eugénie, where you can place a candle.

When she was a child, Blessed Eugénie Joubert was particularly fond of this chapel, where Our Lady of the Penitents was venerated… her great love of the Blessed Virgin meant that she often came here to pray!

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