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Places of prayer in Belgium: Liège

In Liège, the Community of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart had founded a convent.

Blessed Eugénie Joubert lived there from 1901…

She then moved to Rome, from where she regularly went to pray at the sanctuary of Loreto (Italy).

To benefit from a climate that was more favourable to her health, she returned to Liège in May 1904, unwell and exhausted.

This is where she will end her life and go to Heaven.

Église Saint-Gilles – 30, cour Saint-Gilles – Liège (4000)

Open: mornings and mass time

The body of the Blessed Eugénie Joubert has been placed in a chapel dedicated to the Church of Saint-Gilles since a ceremony presided over on June 30, 2024, by Monsignor Delville, Bishop of Liège, organized by Father Philippe Delaume, Pastor of U.P. “Liège-Hauteurs,” with many parishioners. Mr. Damien de Laminne, Lieutenant for Belgium of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, accompanied by Knights and Ladies of the Order, honored the event with their presence.

A chapel in the Church of Saint-Gilles is dedicated to Blessed Eugénie Joubert, with a candle burner on either side of the altar; the text of a prayer is offered as an aid to meditation.

Nearby, in the Saint-Gilles Cemetery (37, Cour Saint-Gilles), the site of the Blessed’s grave is marked by a cenotaph that is still revered, with many ex-votos present.

Article paru dans le magazine l’épervier de novembre 2023