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"28 years smiling"


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A smile of God for children

28 years of smile

Eugénie Joubert had a happy disposition. In their testimonies, those who knew her emphasise how joyful she was by nature. Her mother said that as a child, she smiled and never cried.

With her joyful soul, Eugénie is an apostle.

Peace and joy radiate around her.

Blessed Eugénie Joubert, catechist and "God's smile" for children

After taking her vows in 1897, Sister Eugénie was sent to Aubervilliers as a catechist.

The website devotes an article to Blessed Eugénie. Here is an extract:

… “she offers her time without counting, with gusto and gaiety, for the poorest children. She shone with her simple charity. She taught catechism. She knew how to calm and even captivate turbulent children. The most difficult children were entrusted to her…”

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Bienheureuse Eugénie Joubert, catéchiste et “sourire de Dieu” auprès des enfants

(Blessed Eugénie Joubert, catechist and “God’s smile” for children)

God's smile

A day, a saint: Blessed Eugénie Joubert

God’s smile

From the top of her rock, Notre-Dame du Puy watches over Yssingeaux, where Eugénie Joubert (1876-1904) grew up and discovered Christ.

At the age of 19, she joined one of her older sisters in the congregation of the Holy Family of the Sacred Heart in Le Puy. The charism of this congregation is religious education, particularly for the poorest.

Eugénie doesn’t just teach catechism, she lives what she teaches. The children make no mistake about it: faith is not just a lesson to be recited, it’s a life experience, and Eugénie is the smiling witness to it. She is entrusted with the most unruly, the least intelligent and the least sociable. Nothing discourages her; she knows in whom she has put her trust.

From Puy to Liège, Eugénie traced her path of light, happily sowing the Gospel.

She died exhausted from tuberculosis.

Magnificat, n°344, July 2021



IN FRENCH – Blessed Eugénie Joubert – Saint of the Day – 2 July 2021

A column (in French) presented on Radio Notre Dame by Magnificat, hosted by Romain Lizé or Jean de Saint-Chéron.

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